Let it snow..

From the heart of the middle east, a very rare appearance of snow only 600 meters above sea!

pictures taken around our apartment building ( entrance, backyard)20130109-062138.jpg




Home made cinnamon chocolate rolls!

Waiting to be baked!

Waiting to be baked!


Took me hours to finish this. My first time to make dough. It’s pretty close to making a ” buche de noel”, with the whole chocolate filling and rolling it into a log. I think i’ll be making some changes next time to make it fluffier inside and perhaps ill substitute the Nutella with something else!

You can get the recipe from cinnamonspiceandeverythingnice.com. I love the website! check out her amazing Marshmallow recipe!

Update: Day after chocolate cinnamon rolls taste much better !! Nutella taste is less obvious and the cinnamon really kicks in! yummmyyyy