When Pumpkin meets Penne

IMG_0671When autumn set in, I decided to go wild on pumpkin. So I went and bought the biggest butternut squash I could find at the market, and started chopping to prepare a recipe I found online: cubed roasted pumpkin, goat cheese, mushroom, tomatoes and some greens. One sliced finger later, the salad was ready. My friends and I gathered around the table, my face gleaming with pride, as it was my first time to work with pumpkin. And then after the first bite…the horror! The salad was such a disappointment! No one had seconds and the salad was black listed. The next day, I had some left over pumpkin cubes and goat cheese. A box of penne pasta, parmesan and cooking cream were found as well! I thought, why not? Add them all together, pop them into the oven and voila! The best, tastiest, most delicious winter comfort food one could ever have! And here is the recipe, which has now become a staple in our house:

1- Cut up enough butternut squash cubes to fit your pan

2- Drizzle some olive oil

3- Salt and Pepper to taste

4- Add cooked penne on top

5- Mix in some goat cheese (or Philadelphia cheese, if you prefer)

6- Pour the cooking cream over the entire mix

7- Put the pan in the oven at about 300 degrees until the pumpkin cubes are tender

8- Take out of the oven, and sprinkle some parmesan on top and let it melt.

9 – Eat until you can’t eat no more!


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