Renovations, renovations….. PART 2

So it’s been almost 6 months since the first post about renovating our new apartment.

Oh man, has it been one hell of a ride. I can swear my intake of comfort food level has shot up through the roof, and last I checked in the mirror, my white hairs have doubled.

And yeah, our house project which should’ve taken about 2 months (tops, they said) is going into its 4th month and there’s no finish line in sight yet.

Let me just give you a quick summary of unfortunate events which have occurred thus far:

– Heart attack numero uno: Kitchen guy messes with actual kitchen dimensions and mistake was only discovered merely a few days prior to confirmation and manufacturing of kitchen cabinets. Can you imagine the faces when the extra 80 cm of product would’ve arrived with nowhere to be installed. Oh, and by the way, we just found out our kitchen wood is stuck at the Port Authority. So not sure when we will actually have the kitchen done. Perhaps another 3 weeks?

-Heart attacks numero dos and tres: Messing up the tile placements.. TWICE! After repeating myself over and over where each tile should go and for which bathroom, the tiler managed to use one bathroom’s tile for another. and did it again in another bathroom after having fixed the first mess up. We kind of laughed about it and even joked about the painter making the same mistake.

-Heart attack numero quatro: yeah. Guess what?!?! the Painter painted the wrong room, the wrong walls, with the wrong color (not even on our list of colors). WHATTTT?? If we had not realized from the beginning he would’ve continued with the same color on all 11 walls in the bedrooms. (P.S: we did not laugh about it until it was fixed)

I wonder what the next mess up will be. Will it be during the laminated floor installation? door painting? new windows installation? Let’s wait and see……..


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