New Year Resolution


I’ve ignored this blog for over a year now..I can’t even remember when I decided to give it up or why, but here I am trying to bring it back to life.

And that’s my new year resolution, to keep this blog running! Pictures of pretty things, series and movies reviews, recipes and basically anything that may come on my mind!

And so, here’s my two cents on Suits and The Good Wife:

To make things very clear.. I LOOVE The Good Wife. It’s sexy, it’s smart, it feels real..Diane’s allure, Kalinda’s mysteriousness, Eli’s ambitions and Alicia.. What amazing characters! Amazing legal cases ( and comprehensible too) and great story arc throughout the seasons! Unfortunately, they might have picked a really bad name for the show, as it always sound unappealing to my friends, despite my efforts to convince them otherwise!

As for Suits..I did watch the first season..and the second season has been sitting there waiting for me to start it. But I couldn’t get attached to it..The main lawyer hot shot dude felt too..fake? arrogant? too much obvious acting? the legal cases and the fast talking just makes me so confused, I even need to replay sometimes ( and I’m a law graduate y’all!)

What do you think? Do any of you watch either series?

Home made cinnamon chocolate rolls!

Waiting to be baked!

Waiting to be baked!


Took me hours to finish this. My first time to make dough. It’s pretty close to making a ” buche de noel”, with the whole chocolate filling and rolling it into a log. I think i’ll be making some changes next time to make it fluffier inside and perhaps ill substitute the Nutella with something else!

You can get the recipe from I love the website! check out her amazing Marshmallow recipe!

Update: Day after chocolate cinnamon rolls taste much better !! Nutella taste is less obvious and the cinnamon really kicks in! yummmyyyy

Need a Ride?


And just when I thought I’ll be missing out on Cairo traffic action while living in Beirut..

Who needs a Mini Van when you got a big trunk right?

I find it ridiculous that these women had to sit this way through their ride, regardless of the reason. It  does not only put their lives in danger, but others’ as well.

Too bad no one cares..

On a lighter note though..

My buddy


My best friend’s birthday was last month and I promised him a letter by post. But Being the person that I am, it never happened.
And then it dawned on me.. A post just for him is even better than a letter, I hope.
How did it start? Simply, in a church meeting.. The moment I saw him a big “yay more people!” slipped out of my mouth. And that’s all it took to start our friendship.
3 years later, I moved to Lebanon. And this is what I remember. The ice cream stops in front of the Baron Castle in Cairo.. The dumbest sentences that came out of my mouth in front of him and created the infamous ” best of lamis” on fb.. The times we sat on a hotel rooftop drinking beer, and arguing over who gets to eat the crazy amounts of popcorn served.. The crazy rides in his quacking car, listening to what he calls ” my crappy songs” and singing along to Queen’s songs.. The crazy laughs.. The “omg, did they just say pussy?”.. Our chicken wing weekly meetings at Chili’s.. All the time I cried like a kid to him.. All the secrets and words of wisdom he gave me.. I miss him so much and since I moved, I hope daily our friendship doesnt just become a memory..
Happy belated birthday buddy!